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KPXI 100.7FM "The East Texas Morning Road Show" Hosted by Mark McLain and interviewing DON SHELL of Southern Flight.

Tuesday October 18th, 2016




Prepare to rock Texas style with the Southern Flight Band at 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 18 at the Allen Public Library. Southern Flight Band combines the best of Rock-n- Roll, Rock-A-Billy, Country, and Southern Rock.

Sponsored by Allen Reads, this program is free.

Covering a wide variety of music from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Southern Flight has performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas and outdoor festivals for the Cities of Rowlett and Duncanville. Original music includes “Lights Go Down in Heaven,” “Light Years from Home,” “My Sweet Choir,” and their ballad “Right Next to Me.”

Formed in Garland in 1999, the original band was comprised of Don and Marcus Shell, brothers who sang and played guitars. Current members of the band are Don and Marcus on lead guitars and vocals, Julio Ramirez on keyboards and vocals, Chuck Peterson on bass and vocals, and Danny Hansard on drums.

A family-oriented program, parents are encouraged to bring children to enjoy a high energy musical experience from Southern Flight. Band leader Don Shell states, “The whole family can enjoy a night with us to dance and sing. We are looking forward to performing at the Allen Public Library on March 18th. We promise that this will be a free concert for your whole family that you truly do not want to miss!”

The Library is located at 300 N. Allen Dr. Call 214.509.4911 for more information.


Concert series kicks off

with ‘Southern Flight'


Today Newspaper Duncanville, TX

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News Editor

Duncanville brings live music to residents once again in its annual summer concert series, kicking off with the band Southern Flight June 8.

Each year, the city hosts weekly concerts at Armstrong Park, where music lovers can enjoy a variety of sounds, from classic rock and country to top 40 and rhythm and blues.

Southern Flight brings listeners music not set in any one genre.

“I would say that our music is country, rock and blues all fried into one. What's great about it is that it appeals to all people,” Don Shell, lead guitarist and vocalist for the band, said.

A Garland native, Shell said the group draws its fan base from much of the Best Southwest, including Duncanvillians who come see the group at the Box Car, a Cedar Hill nightclub.

“Most of the fans that come see us play at the Box Car are from this area. Every time we perform there, people park all the way down Bear Creek Road to come see us play,” Shell said.

For the June 8 show from 7:30-9:30 p.m., parking is available at and around Armstrong Park. Visitors are encouraged to bring blankets, lawn chairs and whatever items are needed to relax and enjoy the show.

“We have performed all over the Metroplex. We have done many shows at the Hard Rock Cafe for the past two years and we have also done various shows down in Deep Ellum,” Shell said. “Our favorite shows by far are outside concerts like the ones we'll be doing in Duncanville.”

With the release of its first CD in March 2005, Southern Flight is excited to bring those tracks home to old and new fans.

“Our music appeals to so many people and walks of life - when people come see us play they tell me that they have enjoyed a ‘real show' and not just a bunch of musicians playing in a boring fashion on a stage,” Shell said.

Shell, along with brother Marcus (rhythm guitar/vocals), David Waters (lead vocalist/bass guitar/guitar) and Tony Pirro (drums/vocals), are inspired by artists from Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton. A song from their debut CD is dedicated to South Dallas native Stevie Ray Vaughn.

“Lights go Down in Heaven” is a tribute to “One of our Texas guitar heroes,” Shell said.

Other favorite tracks on the self-titled CD include: “Light Years from Home” - about family and when children grow up and move out; a song with a country feel; “My Sweet Choir” - about looking to a higher power for solace; country rock; and “Right Next to Me” - about that special someone in one's life, a ballad.

“It was true magic each time creating the sound and feel of each song. I would like to take Southern Flight all the way to the top for International attention and I really see no limits if we keep at it,” Shell said. “I hope everyone will come out and see the show and let us know what they think of our music.”

Learn more about the band at www.southernflight.com. For a summer music schedule or more concert information, call 972-780-5086.


 Southern Flight - Hard Rock Cafe Dallas, 7/02/05

By Kathy Utorka

Harder Beat Magazine

It’s not often you see couples dance to Rock and Roll, but that’s exactly what this southern rock band manages to inspire show after show. This highly energetic performance was no different, with all four band members seamlessly interchanging lead vocals song after song, Don and Marcus Shell (guitar, vocals) prove that talent does run in families. Dave Waters (bass, vocals) - no relation to Roger -keeps the groove going like there’s no tomorrow. Tony Pirro (drums) ties it all together into a perfect performance package. On tunes like “Hard to Handle” and “Drop of Gin,” Southern Flight mixes up both covers and originals. But they rock the hardest on their originals!


Southern Flight spreads wings at Pecan Grove Park

By Wendy Kay Strain 7-15-05

Rowlett Lake Shore Times

As part of Rowlett's Concert in the Park series, local band Southern Flight will present what they feel will be "one of the best rock and roll shows Rowlett has ever seen" Saturday night beginning at 8 p.m.


Unlike other concerts in the series, this one will be fully equipped with stage and sound equipment, ensuring everyone has a chance to listen to the unique musical style of the group.

"We're actually a little more rock than country and a little more country than rock," said singer and bass player David Waters. "I see our music as definitely being a Texas sound. Our music is a tribute to the unique mixed nature of Texas."

Starting toward the end of 2001 with core members Don and Marcus Shell (keyboard and guitars) and Waters, the group went through several incarnations before arriving at its current configuration including Tony Pirro on drums.

"I started on drums and doing some vocals with the headsets," Waters said, "but we were always in search of a new guitarist or bass player. I had actually started playing music on bass in a heavy metal band, so finally I just picked up a bass one day and we started looking for a new drummer."

Unlike Waters, who said he came from the most non-musical family imaginable, the Shell brothers had the advantage of growing up in a musical household that also enjoyed some country and blues on the radio.

"Our mother was a classically trained pianist," Don Shell said. "We spent a lot of evenings singing and performing for family members. I'm thankful to my mother for giving us that foundation."

Although the band's original music defies a simple definition, it is characterized by a steady country beat mixed with nuances of rock and reminiscent of music heard in the 1970s.

"We're in the middle lane somewhere," Waters said. "I don't think you can really classify it. Classifications are always a little obscure anyway."

"It's a fair statement that we're blending all of our different influences and interests together," Don Shell said. "We'll be mixing the country, the blues and the rock all together in our concert on Saturday. That's what's really unique about our sound. Nobody in this area is doing what we're doing."

In writing their own music, Shell said every member of the band participates.

"David calls me the arranger, Marcus is the rhythm man and Tony is the groove man, but David is a very gifted lyricist. He'll come out with an idea of a song in his lyrics, then Marcus will add to it, I'll think of something musically and Tony will jump in with the right beat. It always forms something unique and sometimes is a whole different concept than what David originally had in mind."

According to Waters, the lyrics he writes are usually geared toward the working man and everyday experiences.

"When I grew up, listening to heavy metal, sometimes they talked about things like dragons and medieval times that I just didn't know anything about," he said. "I write about the things that everyone has experienced - a jilted love, angry at your boss, those kinds of things. They're a tribute to the working man and encouraging people to just be themselves no matter what the media or anyone else tells them they should be. I want them to feel they have the right to do what they want to do."

Shell echoed that statement while discussing the band's goals of hitting the big time.

"We're just really down to earth, normal guys that have families and children," he said. "We want to give the best music to the public as possible and hope people can enjoy what we have to say."

The band is scheduled to play from 8-10 p.m. Saturday night at Pecan Grove Park and admission is free.

For more information about the band, visit www.southernflight.com



Rowlett Top Stories – October 07, 2004

By: Wendy Kay Strain, Rowlett Lakeshore Times

Southern Flight to touch at festival

Too wild to take the stage in Crandall, Garland-based band Southern Flight is scheduled as the headliner entertainment group for Pecan Fest this Saturday. Among the band members is Dave Waters.

October 07,2004 -- "We're kind of outlaw country," he said when trying to describe the band's style of music. "I'm calling it Texas fried blues rock. We're aggressive with what we play and we try to focus on the unique style that belongs to Texas."

Taking inspiration from other Texas musicians that have gone before them, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, the band plays something that's a combination of rock, blues and country and all uniquely Texan.

"Texas has its own sound when it comes to music," Waters said. "I can't really describe it, but I fell in love with it when I came here and that's the sound we're after."

When booked at area clubs, the problem of defining their style of music again comes into play. According to Waters, they aren't often referred to as a country band, but they're not referred to as a rock band either.

"No one really knows what to call us," Waters said. "I guess you could say we're a band with an identity crisis."

However, no band this sure of what it plays could be considered to have an identity crisis. Confident of its sound and already getting positive feedback from those who have heard them play, the band is in the process of compiling a demo CD.

"We're just working on the copywriting and all that kind of stuff right now," Waters said. "We're hoping to make the CD available sometime soon."

For their Pecan Fest appearance, Waters said the band will probably play a combination set, half of their original work and half of the cover songs they started playing with about three years ago.

The band consists of Waters on vocals and bass, with a little guitar thrown in, Don Shell on lead guitar and vocals, Marcus Shell on rhythm guitar and vocals and Tony Pirro on drums.

Although Pirro is the newest member of the band, Waters likes to tease that he is the oldest member of the group, having a son that plays bass for the band The Polyphonic Spree and used to play for Tripping Daisy.

One of the most recognizable club names among their extensive performance list is the Hard Rock Café in Dallas.

"We've played there three times and will probably go back," Waters said. "For me, that's the closest thing to a real rock and roll stage that we've been to yet. It's very exciting to play there and they're a good bunch to play for. I'd play there anytime."

The band is scheduled to perform from 6:30-8:30 p.m. followed by the fireworks display.

More about the band and their upcoming CD release can be found at www.southernflight.com

There are several other performers joining the day's entertainment list, though.

Local performer and area favorite Lauren Godfrey will be making a return engagement on the community stage from 2:40-3:40 p.m.

This will be Godfrey's third year to perform at the Pecan Fest and has two recordings - "Texas Kind of Girl" and a three song demo CD.

Groove Tonic will warm up the stage for Southern Flight at 4 p.m.

The band is described as a classic rock band based in Sachse. According to their release, they include some blues tunes and newer rock songs to round out their classic rock selection.

Festival events start at 10 a.m. Saturday at Pecan Grove Park and end following the fireworks display at approximately 8:30 p.m.

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